About - Adelini Vincenzo


Master’s degree with honors in Classical Guitar Performance and Music Composition at Music Conservatory of Naples and Terni.
Master’s degree in Music Education at Music Conservatory of Frosinone
Bachelor’s degree in Law and Music Copyright.
First level Master degree in Music business at Luiss University at Rome.
I also studied with Wolfgang Witzenmann, Leo Brouwer, Alirio Diaz, Alfredo Rapetti Mogol and other international musicians.


I am a Gibson Italy Artist, supported by the brands Gibson Guitar, Epiphone, Maestro, and KRK.
In 2024, my tour will start in the main Italian planetariums, from which a documentary will be produced and distributed on online platforms.
I participated with two sold-out concerts at Milan Music Week and several times at the Planetarium of Naples in 2023.
I signed with the label INRICLASSIC and started releasing tracks from my new album with Universal Music Italia.
In 2022, I released “Light,” my first album of original compositions for Classical Guitar Soloist, reaching about 2 million streams in less than a year.


In 2018, I created the “Nobody’s Innocent” soundtrack, which was showcased in a world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival, winning the award for Best Original Soundtrack at the LGCG Film Festival.
In 2020, I wrote and produced the “Caliber9” Original Soundtrack, in collaboration with Toni D’Angelo and Emanuele Frusi, and in 2021, we won the award for Best Original Soundtrack at the Apoxiomeno International Film Festival.
In 2023, I created the soundtrack for “Connected – A New Post Human Species” (distributed on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and other platforms).
Since 2023, I have composed the original music for the main podcasts of BIP Consulting


In 2022, I produced the debut album of “Il Gemito”, an Italian Indie band. In 2024, I also realized their second album.
In the summer of 2021, the American DJ and model NXXJ (aka Naala Johnson) released the remix of “MyLove?”, a song written and sung by me and performed with BeatMovie.
In 2021, I started working as a music producer for international artists, such as NXXJ (U.S.A.) and Alex K-Pop (South Korea).


In 2021, I started teaching Classical Guitar at Prodigio School of Music (Vancouver, Canada).
Since 2012, I have been a teacher in Italian public schools.
In 2020, I became a member of the Italian performers’ collective management organization (Nuovo Imaie).
In 2012, I founded a cultural volunteer association based on vinyl listening and event organization. I was the creator and artistic director of the music festival “La musica può fare,” which reached its ninth edition in 2024.

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