Master’s degree with honors in Classical Guitar Performance and Music Composition at Music Conservatory of Naples and Terni.
Master’s degree in Music Education at Music Conservatory of Frosinone
Bachelor’s degree in Law and Music Copyright.
First level Master degree in Music business at Luiss University at Rome.
I also studied with Wolfgang Witzenmann, Leo Brouwer, Alirio Diaz, Alfredo Rapetti Mogol and other international musicians.


My instrument is guitar but I spend a lot of time in my personal music studio to compose and produce music. So I also play ukulele, neapolitan mandolin, bass guitar, typical Italian folk guitar (called “battente”) , balalaika, some vintage analogic synthesizers, acoustic and Rhodes pianos , drum machines, Harmonicas , virtual instruments and others various instruments that I have in my studio.
Sometimes I sing my song too, like the “Caliber9” Title Track.


From 2018 I work with Toni D’Angelo at BeatMovie Project, to write original soundtracks and new independent music.
At the LGCG Film festival 2018 BeatMovie won the award for Nobody’s Innocent Original SoundTrack.
In 2020 me and Toni wrote and produced “Caliber9” Original Soundtrack, in collaboration with Emanuele Frusi.
In the summer of 2021 the American Dj and Model NXXJ (aka Naala Johnson) realeses the remix of “MyLove?”, a song written and sung by Vincenzo Adelini and performed by BeatMovie.


In 2012 I founded a no-profit association about listenings to music on vinyl.
In 2012 and 2013 I was the art director of a Italian music festival (LMPF), now at eighth edition.
From 2012 I’m a teacher in Italian Public School.
In 2020 I became a member of The Italian performers’ collective management organisations (Nuovo Imaie).
In 2021 I start to teach Classical Guitar at Prodigio School of Music (Vancouver, Canada)

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